Here is our
National Memorandum

For the purpose of research alliances University of Sialkot ties with different national institutes or universities. The description for these collaborations or memorandum are given as follows

Sr Memorandum of understanding (B/T) Date
1 Al-Ansar Foundation Nigeria
2 Al-Ansar Foundation Nigeria
3 Al-Istiqama University Nigeria
4 Al-Qalam University Nigeria
5 Azerbaijan Technical University
6 BORNO State University Nigeria
7 Brest State A.S Pushkin University
8 Chongqing Industry Polytechnic College
9 Gezira College of Technology Sedan
10 Islamic Call University College Uganda
11 Islamic University Uganda
12 Istanbul Aydin University
13 Istanbul Nisant ASI University Turkey
14 JIANGSU University
15 Light Institute for Sciences & Advance
16 Mevlana Exchange Program Protocol
17 Muslim University of Morogoro
18 Nasarwa State University Nigeria
20 Piris Reis University Instanbul
21 Profound Vision Japan
22 The Maldives National University
23 UMMA University Kenya
25 Universities NEGERRI PADANG Indonesia
26 University Technologys Malaysia
27 University College of Technology Sarawak
28 University of International Business Kazakhstan
29 University Technology Malaysia
30 USAK University USAK Turkey
31 VSB Technical University of Ostrawa
32 Western Caspian University Azerbaijan
33 YEDITEPE University Istanbul
34 Cyprus Science University